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Echo Cinematics is a team of cousins, siblings, and friends providing southwest florida with quality cinematic productions. As a film crew comprised entirely of young entrepreneurs we strive to bring a fresh perspective to any project we encounter. We love to put imagination in motion and help our peers in the process! But first, you should meet our team! (Also, check the end of the post for a special freebie!)



Writer and Director



Hello there, Evie here, your whimsical, tea sipping, novel reading, hopeless romantic. I bring stories to life with a writer’s heart and wouldn’t describe myself as having a typical director's personality. With gentle guidance, I love working closely with my brother to craft each shot like a painting. We’ve been described as “morphing into one person” when we’re on set which I think is very true.  Although my roles on the Echo team are typically scriptwriting and directing I also love foley work! Portlandia is one of my favorite shows simply because they’ve mastered the art of comedic sound, hiding in a little studio, using all kinds of gizmos and gadgets to mimic realistic sounds perfectly appeals to my detail oriented self. Give me a meticulous project and a quiet corner to work in and I’ll be set for hours! The conditions are perfect for reflection, listening to music, and dreaming up ideas for the future.



Cinematographer and Editor



When I was a kid, not a single day went by without me running around the house filming everything using our Hi8 camcorder. With the help of my sister, we would recreate scenes from all of our favorite movies. It was a blast! About 1,000 tapes later, at the start of the digital video age, I began to shoot and edit goofy videos for YouTube with my friends. Each “masterpiece” we created helped me continuously learn, and grow my skill level. The images became more cinematic, and the plot lines more serious. My love for film only growing stronger. By 2011, I was junior in high school and at that point trying decide what I wanted to do as a senior project. Sure enough in June of that year we met Gabe and his siblings who we’re all studying film. Almost instantaneously we started piecing together our premiere project “Interfuse” After 7 months of hard work building a set in a garage without air-conditioning and shooting in countless locations around our hometown, Interfuse premiered in front of an audience of 200 people and was well received. It was that night that I knew that I wanted to be a cinematographer. Today I spend my life amongst a tangled mess of wires cameras, analog synthesizers, and a collection of vintage effect lights. I love every aspect of sound and visuals. Whether it's the way gentle evening sunlight hits a textured surface, or the drone of a sawtooth wave as a low pass filter opens up. I'm passionately driven to seamlessly blend visuals and audio to make a coherent and satisfying work. Being self taught, I have pushed myself to become an independent learner. I’m always on the quest to find the latest innovative gear to bring any vision to life, and with the help of close friends, I strive to make every project a cinematic work of art.



Composer and Compositor



"Hey everyone! Gabe here, the visual effects guy and composer of the team. Making videos started as passion-fueled past-time with family and friends long before it became my profession. We were just kids having fun emulating our favorite films and TV shows, but at the same time also learning to work together effectively, leveraging everyone's budding skills and interests to create something we love. I learned so much of what I know today in those early years: the power of a good film score and how it can transform and elevate the footage it's paired with; the satisfaction of wow-ing people with a special effect that actually looks realistic; even creating my first scrolling credits sequence and remarking on how it made the project feel like a "real movie". While we all did a little of everything back then, I quickly found myself drawn to and focusing on mostly post-production. I love working with technology and the limitless options it provides, allowing for small teams (or a one-man-band like me, in the case of music composition) to achieve the professional look and sound you might only expect from big-budget studios. It has been a dream to continue to work and grow alongside the same tight-knit team as we had in those early years, honing our craft and being able to work alongside new people to reach an ever-growing audience. On behalf of everyone at Echo, welcome to the family!"



Producer and Public Relations



Hello Friends! I’m Becky. The newest addition to the group. The film industry is not one I ever thought I’d be a part of. My first job out of college was planning events. Simply put: I had to orchestrate multiple people to follow a plan. I had no employees, so it was a one woman show. Quite a feat! At that time, I had no idea how valuable the lesson of diplomacy would be. Since then, I’ve helped launch multiple small businesses as well as my own. Building teams, and creating processes that ensure productivity is where I excel.. So, you’ll probably find me somewhere on set, with a clipboard, maybe some wine, and definitely a plan in place. Most of my work is done during pre-production, or behind the scenes, and is what most think of as the boring stuff. But, creating a plan then bringing it to life is what I live for, so stick me behind a desk with a phone in my hand and I’m living the dream! Oh, and if you call us, I’ll be the one answering. Nice to meet you! 😉 We are so pleased to have you.

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